Here’s a little guy how to assemble the parts and how the new system should work.

The included new hoes and 2 other frame parts please go in gooseneck. They are identical to old parts but slightly different. The holes fit. Of course, remove old parts. The new hoes automatically reach into the 2 rectangular cut-outs at the bottom of the new plate, which you have built into the new frame. The hoes close automatically as the spindle drive powers up the platform. And thanks to own platform weight, and weight of the load, the hoes remain firmly tied to the platform. When you lower the platform to support it, the heels start to loosen and you can pull out the gooseneck again.

Here are a few sample images of the entire electronics for low-bed trailers.

I used infrared electronics for my low loader: AIRU and AMO. A 7.4 volt LiPo for the platform and 11.1 volt LiPo for the gooseneck. For steering serve 2 servo with metal gear and power of 10 kg. If necessary, you can also install 3 or 4 servo. For the spindle drive, I have used a THOR 15 cruise control. It is small, and it can be easily mounted under gooseneck construction. Geared motor for the spindle I recommend RB-35 reduction ratio 1: 100 or Pro 69 (class RB-35). For remote control, a separate receiver, at least 8-channel, is recommended. You can also mount this under gooseneck construction.

Here are a few sample images that help with the assembly of the gooseneck for the height adjustable platform.